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What is fitness? What does being physically fit mean?



Maintaining a good level of physical fitness is something that we should all aspire to do. But it can be difficult to determine what fitness entails. Here we answer the question: what does being physically fit mean? According to the  Department of Health and Human Services, physical fitness is defined as "a set of attributes that people have or achieve that relates to the ability to perform physical activity."



Components of Fitness

Depending on the source, the components of fitness vary considerably. Below are common components:

  • Cardiorespiratory endurance - typically measured by how long or fast a person can perform an activity and how this impacts measurements such as heart rate and oxygen consumption.
  • Muscular endurance - typically measured by how many repetitions of an exercise a person can perform. Common tests involve push-ups and sit ups.
  • Muscular strength - typically measured by how much weight can be moved in relation to repetitions. Exercises involving multiple joints and muscle groups such as squats or bench press are often used.
  • Muscular power - typically measured by how much force can be generated during a given activity. Advanced equipment used by biomechanists are often needed to measure muscular power.
  • Flexibility - typically measured by how far a muscle group can be stretched or joint can be moved. The most common tests involve the hamstrings and shoulders.
  • Balance - typically measured by how long a particular position can be held with or without some type of activity being performed. Simple tests such as standing on one leg can be used to assess balance. More advanced tests may involve standing on an unsteady object while trying to catch a ball.
  • Speed - typically measured by how quickly an individual can move from one point to another. The 40-yard dash is often used to assess speed.
  • Body composition - this is the amount of fat on the body versus other tissues such as muscle, bones and skin. Measured using a variety of tests and devices. Simple tests using mathematical equations or calipers are common and inexpensive. More advanced tests such as underwater weighing are far less common and much more expensive.

In many cases, endurance and strength are the components used to assess fitness. But utilizing the other components offer a more complete picture of overall fitness, along with health and athleticism.

         WHO AM I?

              Vasile-Florin "Tony"


Romanian origin. I have been living in Uk for 10 years. Fitness and personal training for me is not just a normal work it's a passion for what I do and the results I give. More than 5 years of experience in the field, working with different people of all ages with different goals.

Level 3 Fitness Instructing and Personal Training

Level 2 & 3 Anatomy and physiology for exercise and health

Level 3 Principles of nutrition to a physical activity


 Why do it? Aside from disease prevention and physical health, those old chestnuts, exercise encourages the brain to produce chemicals that help us deal with stress (norepinephrine) and make us feel happy (endorphins). Exercise also helps improve cognitive function and alleviate depression. Not to mention how good you'll feel when you look in the mirror!



Are you new to the gym and looking for some guidance and support? Or have you been going to the gym for years and want a new perspective? Maybe you're somewhere in the middle. They are all good places to be! Just reading this bio means you have made the choice to address and improve your fitness in some manner. Good decision! The path to physical fitness is a journey that can transform your body and mind. It presents itself differently to everybody, but one thing is for sure, it takes hard work!

 As a trainer I am here to help you achieve your goals and help you push past your limits. My goal as your trainer is for us to work together and create a programme that works for you. Exercise and gyms may be intimidating when you are new to it, but it is my job to make it fun and enjoyable. I am here to answer your questions, educate, motivate and help you live a healthier life. Your best investment is always in yourself!